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Porsche Cayenne S Hybrid To Deliver V-8 Power, 26+ mpg

Porsche Cayenne S Hybrid

Porsche Cayenne S Hybrid

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Pure electric propulsion is the name of the game for cutting gas/electric hybrid fuel consumption, and Porsche claims to have taken it to a whole new level with the upcoming 2010 Cayenne S Hybrid. Capable of traveling at speeds up to 86 mph solely on electric propulsion, the 5,000-some-odd pound full-frame SUV's thirst for premium should be cut dramatically.

Porsche Cayenne S Hybrid

Porsche Cayenne S Hybrid

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Economy estimated at 26 mpg or slightly greater (extrapolated from Porsche's claim of less than 9 liters/100 km fuel consumed on the European cycle) is very respectable for this behemoth, but it's a figure shamed by car-based crossover hybrids. Interesting will be the difference between city and highway mileage; typically, gas/electric hybrids attain their biggest mileage benefits in city driving where the electric motors are most helpful, but this Porsche system turns that paradigm on its head with stout electric highway capabilities.

The hybrid drive in the Porsche Cayenne S Hybrid uses a parallel full hybrid design that sandwiches the electric motor between an Audi-sourced V-6 and an eight-speed automatic transmission. The V-6 is Audi's new 3.0-liter supercharged V-6 found in models like the 2009 Audi A6, itself surprisingly efficient considering the 333 hp and 324 lb-ft torque it yields. The electric motor will be supplied by a 154-lb. nickel metal hybrid battery that fits in the spare tire well.

Porsche promises no intrusions into cabin or cargo space, as well as a 0-60 mph sprint of just under 6.8 seconds. So drivers of heavy luxury SUVs may soon have their cake and eat it too. But aren't drivers of luxury SUVs quickly abandoning the segment? History will tell us the rest of the story, but let's not forget the miserable sales of GM's (Tahoe, Escalade) and Chrysler's (Aspen, Durango) well-engineered full-size SUV hybrids.

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Comments (9)
  1. "new Porsche hybrid"

    GM and Chrysler's demographic doesn't care about all that green hooey. But Porsche's target audience does. They want their Porsche and they want to advertise how they're piously saving the planet at the same time, even if the improvement is only 7-8 MPG. Having said that, everyone expects a hybrid to be quiet in city driving (no one can hear how green you are on the freeway!). I suspect owners will go for an optional green "H" on the back, just to make sure everyone knows that they care more about the environment than you do.

  2. "Ucan2"

    It's those early adopters that will make this tech cheaper and available to everyone. In a couple of years you'll be driving a hybrid and saving the planet too :-)

  3. "Start Stop will become standard"

    I don't see any reason why start-stop tech would not become standard in all cars in 5-10 years.

  4. "start-stop tech"

    It's the same reason why GM started pulling ABS and Chrysler airbags out of their cars in the 90s. Same reason why most started switching to rear drum brakes recntly too. You either lead or get run over when you have a short-term profit vision.

  5. "New Porsche hybrid"

    Why is a story about a car that gets 26mpg making headlines? It's 2009, oil as a resource is diminishing faster than ever, car emissions are a factor in global climate change (how big of a factor could be argued) and here we are talking about sporty, luxury, SUV that MIGHT get 26mpg?

  6. "WOw"

    Porsche just gets better and better. They are on top of their game!

  7. "Neat but not new"

    I have a 2003 VW passat W8 (thats 2 V4's mounted on 1 crank shaft), that gets 26mpg highway and about 21 city... it's probably about the same weight being a wagon and all-wheel drive. Puts 275bhp out and still gets good mileage. These hybrids in my opinion should be doing drastically better than my 7 year old station wagon.

  8. "so?"

    sooo? The C5 Corvette (1997-2004) has a 350ci V8 with 350HP and many many owners have reported getting 30+ mpg.

  9. "26+ MPG, WTF!?"

    26+ mpg is HORRIBLE! Why is it a hybrid, other than you are paying more for parts? I would NEVER buy one, EVER. I bought a new diesel smart car in 2006 (last year sold here in Canada) and it got around 70mpg highway, 50mpg city. This is good mileage, not 26mpg. Let me guess, this is the highway mileage also, right? F me in the a car companies are delusional. From this point on I boycott porsche.

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