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Chrysler Cuts Clocks, Snowplows, Turns Down Thermostats

photo credit: amchu

photo credit: amchu

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Taking a line from former president Jimmy Carter's admonitions to the American people during the energy crisis of the late 70s, Chrysler is turning its thermostats down in hallways from 72 to 68 degrees Fahrenheit at its Auburn Hills headquarters. They're also removing most wall-mounted clocks, saving an estimated $20,000 per year in batteries, in addition to the manpower (and man hours) required to change all those clocks to and from daylight savings. And snowplows will no longer clear the top of five parking decks and four lots, saving approximately $350,000 this winter.

As Chrysler readies the final version of its economic viability plan for Congress, they're making every attempt to show that they will be good stewards of massive loans footed by the American taxpayer. They're operating in emergency mode on $4 billion in loans already handed out, and desperately hoping for another $3 billion pending Congress' approval of their viability plan.

In a particularly Ebenezer Scrooge final twist, Auburn Hills will spend $11,000 less in Christmas decorations in December '09 for a total of just $1,000. A cheerless move, perhaps, but appropriate when you're buying stringing up lights on someone else's dime.

[source: Free Press]

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