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Mazda Miata Makes 20, Fans Taste The Rainbow

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A history of the Mazda Miata -- via Autoblog

A history of the Mazda Miata -- via Autoblog

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Car fans in the U.S. have had two decades to revel in the sporty, miniaturized glory of the Mazda Miata/MX-5. To celebrate, Mazda took to the floor of the Chicago Auto Show with a heaping handful of Skittle-toned Miata specialty models--concepts, one-offs, and the like. Our colleagues at Autoblog have been kind enough to post a gallery of tasty, sugary shots; take a gander when the boss isn't looking.

In scrolling through the pics, we had two immediate thoughts:

  • Mazda's been fairly consistent in the Miata profile over the years. Even in the Miata concepts--where designers had more leeway to improvise--the results have been more like variations on a theme instead of wacky reimaginings that merely evoke the "classic" Miata. Some might call that lazy, but many others would agree that it's testimony to the model's strong design fundamentals.
  • Clearly, Americans can't be as fat as studies say. How else would we be able to fit into such tiny cars? Bring on the carbs, yo.

But what about you? Does the Miata make your heart go zoom-zoom? Or is it a toy fit for Ken and Barbie? Drop us an email or weigh in below (obesity pun not intended).

[via Autoblog]

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Comments (3)
  1. "MIATA"

    I am 6'1"/200 LB. I just traded my 96 Miata that I have had for 12 years in on a new 2008. If I had a place to keep it, I would have kept my 96 and the 2008. Miatas can best be described in one word- FUN. Fast or slow, put the top down and enjoy the drive.

  2. "never owned one, but i'd like to"

    True enthusiasts cars. Light weight, RWD, wonderful manual trans. Reliable and efficient to boot.

  3. "Great car"

    Unfortunately my little Miata (MX-5) is showing her age, at 15 she is finally sucumbing to wear and tear but I love her so (5 break downs in 6 months). But time to sell her and get something newer and more practical. HAs been a blast and no other car I have driven comes close to the sheer fun of driving her.

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