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Link Love From The Car Connection: Laser Guns, Winged Cars, And Marketing Decisions From Bizarro World

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Mercedes SLK Gullwing

Mercedes SLK Gullwing

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A handful of mixed nuts for your Thursday newsday snack:

  • The wheels of politics: Congress wants to put you behind the wheel of a new car, and our elected officials are considering several ways to do it. One proposal involves giving consumers cash in exchange for trading in old cars, which sounds vaguely familiar.  [HybridCars]
  • Is there a doctor in that airbag?: BWM is toying with some new driver-assistance technology. Not only will it call 911 if you're in an accident, it'll also try to guess where you're injured. And that, kids, is service. [NYTimes via KickingTires]
  • G.I. Joe-style: Got a Humvee? Need a deadly laser gun to mount on top of it? Well, Boeing has just the thing--though all that bulk might make people think you're trying to compensate for something. Just sayin'. [MotorAuthority]
  • Spreading its wings: Mercedes is hard at work on new  hybrid vehicle: the SLK Gullwing. Top-hinged doors give designers more room to tinker with battery placement. Also: they look really cool. [AutoExpress via WorldCarFans]
  • Ads, schmads: Chrysler may be paying big bucks for product placement in Terminator 4 (or whatever it's called), but neither Old Man Pentastar nor its rivals at Ford or GM will be advertising during the Superbowl. Which is fine, because we're sure T4 will be just as memorable as all the other films that have come fourth in a series. And really, how many people watch the Superbowl anyway? [Freep]
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