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2009 Detroit Show: Jeep Patriot EV Concept

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2009 Jeep Patriot EV Concept

2009 Jeep Patriot EV Concept

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The Jeep Patriot—despite what the image-conscious brand might say—is as much a stylish, chunky city car as it is a mild off-roader, so it's not surprising to us that Chrysler's new ENVI advanced vehicle team would electrify this versatile vehicle, set to make its debut Sunday at their Detroit auto show press conference.

And a little more energy independence, in the way of using home-grown power generation instead of foreign petro resources is the patriotic thing, no?

Unlike the Chrysler Town & Country EV and the Jeep Wrangler Unlimited EV introduced last September and also on the automaker's Detroit stage, the Jeep Patriot EV hasn't before been shown to the press or the public. But it looks much like the standard Patriot, though it's arguably a little sportier looking. Special EV decals and an 'ENVI Green Pearl' paint job, along with vertical accents and a cleaner-looking front fascia are fitted, the B- and C- side pillars have been blacked out, and the wheels have a unique five-spoke alloy design.

Inside, the Patriot EV is bone stock, with all of the new cues introduced in the mildly refreshed 2009 Jeep Patriot.

As with Chrysler's other vehicles on the Detroit auto show stand, the powertrain is the big news—and the future of the company might just rest on it. In the Patriot EV, an electric motor system provides motive power through the front wheels, enabled by an advanced lithium-ion battery pack that, when recharged, provides a driving range of about 40 miles—enough, potentially, for a daily commute or a weekend afternoon of errands. After the battery runs down, you're not stranded; then a small 60-horsepower gasoline engine kicks on to provide continuous electric power for the motor system. Total driving range, including the initial charged battery pack, is about 400 miles.

Performance is similar, if not better, than the gasoline-powered Patriot, with zero-to-60 mph times of about eight seconds and a top speed of over 100 mph.

As the Patriot shares its platform—and Belvidere, Illinois assembly—with the Jeep Compass and Dodge Caliber, those vehicles are likely fair game for the same system.

We'll bring you more from the Chrysler stand tomorrow.

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Comments (3)
  1. "Can Chrysler afford to make this car?"

    I wonder if Chrysler can make this car affordable, in the wake of all their issues. It took awhile for them to get onboard the fuel economy train, now can they get this to market, working reliably? ho

  2. "Could be a winner!"

    Chrysler could have a real winner with this Jeep Patriot...only if they make some required changes to make it competitive in the marketplace.
    Besides needing long overdue restructuring of their management and union thug control of the workforce, Chrysler needs to really make a strong effort to get into the good graces of the car buying public.
    This will be no easy feat as lead management has been tarnished by typical corporate greed and self-centeredness devoid of realistic teamwork.
    In other words they have simply forgotten about the consumer and building good old fashioned trust.
    So, will the Jeep Patriot EV succeed? The answer will require some tough changes in how Chrysler continues to do business.
    Give consumers what they want with good value and competitive pricing. Simple concept. Simple solution.

  3. "Reece"

    Further proof that Jeep has gone off the deep end. An electric SUV? OK patriot isn't much of an SUV, nor much of a car so why not make it not much of a useful EV. Jeep has lost its focus on what it does best, the market will come around in afew years times, things like this are a waste of precious money and engineering resources.

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