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Go! Spreads Cadillac E-REV Rumor

2008 Cadillac Provoq Concept

2008 Cadillac Provoq Concept

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According to, the most likely vehicle to next roll forth on electric power alone from GM's studios is a Cadillac of some sort, perhaps based on the next-gen SRX Crossover.'s sources have told them GM has a new E-Flex E-REV vehicle up its sleeve and intends to unveil it in January at NAIAS.

Bob Lutz has apparently gone on record saying that it's high time Cadillac makes a significant environmental statement (you know, something north of 21 mpg). They also figure that Cadillac is a prime suspect because so many other GM divisions have tenuous futures with the exception of Chevrolet, which already has the 2011 Volt. Finally, the higher purchase price of a Cadillac could better absorb the costly development and powertrain technology needed for an E-REV vehicle without turning to Uncle Sam for massive assistance as in the case of the 2011 Chevrolet Volt.

Cadillac did unveil a Provoq concept last year with an E-Flex drivetrain and fuel cell technology. say that the Provoq will materialize as the next SRX crossover, furthering speculation that this new secret E-REV will indeed be clothed in SRX guise.--Colin Mathews

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  1. We have to look at "the big picture." Our days of tunnel vision need to cease. Our nation better wake up and smell the coffee. With all our bail outs along with the 168 billion economic stimulus package, that btw did nothing for our economy it is hard to understand why our government can't see the need to bail us out of our dependence on foreign oil. The high cost of fuel this past year seriously damaged our economy and society. Meanwhile, while we are busy doing the Happy Dance around the lower prices at the pumps, OPEC is planning to cut production to drive prices back up to between 75-100. per barrel. Why don't we invest in America's Energy Independence. It would cost the equivalent of 60 cents per gallon to charge and drive. The electricity used to charge the car could conceivably be generated by solar or wind. Why not invest some of these millions in getting some of these projects set up? Create clean cheap energy, badly needed new green collar jobs and reduce our dependence on foreign oil. What more of a win-win situation could there be? Now there is talk of another stimulus pkg. Don't get me wrong, if you hand me a check I will take it. I am broke from this past year myself. I just think we are going about this all wrong. I just read a fascinating book by Jeff Wilson called The Manhattan Project of 2009 Energy Independence NOW. We need to look at the "big picture" This book Is the big picture.
    Wilson also has a fascinating article on the Better Place Web Page called How Much Electricity Does It Take To Replace Gasoline. You can read it @

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