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The Zenvo ST1: Surely Someone Will Buy It

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You'd think that with the global economy pretty much in the tank, most folks would have more sense than to crank out new, nutty, big-buck cars. But then, Danes aren't really known for thinking like most folks, so it's not surprising that Danish outfit Zenvo Automotive has announced plans to send the Zenvo ST1 onto roadways in the near future.

To be sure, the car's impressive. In fact, with a 1,104-hp engine and the ability to hit 100 kilometers (62 miles) per hour in about three seconds, it feels strange to call the ST1 a mere "car." Given its size of 15 feet, "space needle" might be more appropriate. The company has spared no expense on styling, either, with almost every figure in the geometrical canon represented somewhere on the body. No word yet on gas mileage (or emissions for that matter), but we're guessing it's not much of a sipper.

The only dealer on record at the moment is in Denmark, but the company says it's lining up partners in the U.S., Europe, Eastern Europe, and the Middle East, so maybe by the 2009 holiday season, there'll one on a showroom floor near you. There are only 15 in the series, though, so act fast--and start saving those pennies. Uh, kroner. -- Richard Read

[additional info at Zenvo Automotive via WorldCarFans]


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