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ELV Motors Claim Electric Bicycles and Scooters Perfect Holiday Gift

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Forget Santa. This year, the Christmas Elv might just bring you a high-voltage runabout to earn you some carbon credits and an equal amount of green smug points as you zoom circles around gas-swilling SUVs stuck at the gas pump. Just please, please, don't inhabit the left lane as you motor along at 30 mph. Because we'll have no sympathy for you when you're flattened by Paris Hilton as she hums blithely along, chatting on the phone, in her personalized Hummer H2.

Doug Schwartz, president and CEO of ELV Motors Inc. based in Santa Clara, California, claims that many students are digging "new hi-tech and stylish electric bicycles like the A2B and fun to ride electric scooters like the E-1600." Um-hmm. We bet they'll be taunting their 2010 Ford Mustang-driving friends at the stoplight, too.

The geeks on electric bicycles will have the bonus of extremely cheap operation, as the vehicles can travel 20 miles on a 3-cent charge at speeds up to 20 mph. Or if you want more electric motoring mojo, step up to an electric scooter, which will travel up to 40 miles on a 10 cent charge with a top speed of 30 mph. As a bonus, electric bicycles in California under 1,000 watts require no license, insurance, or registration, ensuring that drivers who shouldn't be on the roads will clutter streets and snarl traffic. At least California has a plethora of bike lanes, hopefully keeping the whine of struggling DC motors over on the shoulder.--Colin Mathews

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