The Ford Soap Opera--No, Not That One

July 28, 2008
The favorite soap opera at Ford isn't the company's ongoing troubles with Mercury, or plummeting truck sales--no, these days it seems to be the travails of Cecilia Marquez.

Marquez is the heroine of the Spanish-language, online soap opera called Amores de Luna. It's the story of a woman who seems to have everything, except a career as a writer, something we have dreams of too, here at

Cleverly, the mini-soap's Webisode player is wrapped in all sorts of ads for the 2009 Ford Flex. So far, there are 15 episodes online, as well as bios for the characters and even a blog for Cecilia--none of which I can read without the help of Babelfish, since I took useless French in high school instead of the more prescient Spanish option. The site even offers some bloopers, in an interesting cradle-to-grave media play.

It won't replace Days of Our Lives on our TiVo, but it's easily more watchable than dreck like Work Out. If Cecilia gets a lesbian evil twin, though, we're done. Before you commit to the whole 30-minute experience, check out this brief clip like we did. Roll tape:

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