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Which Fiesta Comes First?

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I wasn't really old enough to remember the first Ford Fiesta that jumped the ocean in the midst of the second 1970s oil shock--at the time, my family was still hip-deep in jade-green Thunderbird vinyl. But Ford's new Fiesta has me interested, if only because it's so close to the stunning Verve concept auto-show crowds applauded in Frankfurt, China and Detroit over the past six months.

Now that Ford's Jim Farley has told that the Fiesta will be coming to the U.S., though, it's time to start armchair-quarterbacking how they should approach the launch of the first subcompact they've designed and sold here in three decades. Farley is famous for launching Toyota's too-clever Scion brand, and when I asked Farley at the Detroit auto show if he was the perfect choice to launch the new small Ford, he laughed it off--but his is clearly the kind of thinking that Ford needs to re-establish itself in the space alongside Honda, Nissan and Toyota.

Farley demurred when asked which version would be slated first for his dealers. But he did admit that sedans and hatchbacks like the Verve concepts that spawned the Fiesta, were natural choices for most markets. But will there be a five-door in the party, or a true two-door coupe? And what about hot-hatch SVT versions? No one's saying yet, but Ford clearly is betting heavily that the Fiesta will restore its European street cred, while also giving winning some fuel-economy favor with the most frugal shoppers here in America. And you don't have to look too far from the concepts to see how easily a full lineup of Fiestas could be derived from Ford's vast global parts bin.

Stick with us as we report from the Geneva auto show and spill the remaining details on the Fiesta. But while you wait for the Swiss show in March, let us know which Fiesta body style you want to see take on Chevy's Aveo, Toyota's Yaris and the Honda Fit.

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  1. First of all, they should drop the Fiesta name and call it Verve.

    Secondly, start out with the 3-door and 5 door - most little sedans just end up looking goofy.

    Thirdly, make it as customizable as possible - if someone wants a sunroof, don't make them have to buy Sync, Xenon Headlamps and Navigation System to get it.

  2. Good economical car in Europe so no reason why the Fiesta cant be a success stateside

  3. Please - the 5-door hatch!!! And the 1.9 liter Turbodiesel. Unfortunately, the Fiesta/Verve doesn't look as slick as the Mazda 2, its parent, but it'll do. Just forget the 4-door sedan. Ford has missed the boat, regardless of the Sync addition, by dropping both 3 and 5-door hatchbacks AND the wagon from the Focus line. Why do we Americans get Ford's dregs, when there are so many great Ford vehicles (the new Focus, including the hard convertible; the Mondeo wagon; and the Focus-based small crossover, to name a few) the on the other side of the pond???

  4. Fiesta name works fine, sedans that size don't make sense and trunked coupes make even less, stick with the hatchbacks. Shape looks a little old-Focus chubby, but we'll see how it does when it gets here.

  5. Ford hasn't it play it smart in the past why start now. They make so many great cars in Europe and don't seem to understand that most all of them would sell in the US like crazy. The the the Transit Connect is a start and a good one. Come on Ford bring the rest over too!

  6. They should bring over a 3 and 5 door hatch over first. And for gods sake a diesel engine is a must! Ford made a HUGE mistake dropping the Focus 3 & 5 door hatch and wagon. The Focus coupe and sedan look horrible (has anyone seen a coupe on the road?!? - UGLY) Small sedans and coupes will never sell as well as a roomy stylish hatch and wagon.

  7. This is a fine example of Ford, these type of cars should have been sent to the states several years ago. Just goes to show ya that this company is ran by people who haven't the slightest idea of what the people want. One of these days they will look into other foreign dealerships and see that they already have brought these modern type vehicles to these shores years ago. By the time these Fords start showing up here God only knows what Japan will have put in their show windows.....

  8. I don't think even Ford US knows yet which bodystyles to bring here first.. or which name to use! 3-door hatch and 4-door sedan seem the most likely candidates, but with Farley at the helm I can't imagine the 5-door wouldn't be far behind (the Scion xA and xB seemed to do quite well for him) unless Mazda decides to bring the 5-door Mazda2 here. I personally don't want to see a Fiesta coupe or wagon, so long as Ford brings these variants (and the hardtop convertible) to the US with the next Focus.

  9. Get it right--bring the diesel hatchback.

  10. It's heartening to read the comments that seems to indicate Americans are finally seeing the light with hatchbacks, the sedan type versions do look horendous and why the hell did Ford in the US develop their own ugly focus off an out of date platform? indicates everything that is wrong with Ford in the US. hopefully they will open their eyes. Fiesta is a bit weak name, Verve has a much better sound to it.

  11. I agree with all the above, Ford does have great cars in europe. They need to have patience in selling them. Get a convertable, keep the Verve name, come out with a Fiesta, Mondeo, KA and offer diesels and hybrids. It isn't rocket science! You have the Name...FORD>>> now deliver!

  12. I agree - launch the 5-door hatchback with the 1.9 liter Turbodiesel AND keep the Verve name! Ford did make a mistake droping the hatchbacks!

  13. They MUST launch this car with at least one hatchback variant. Small sedans are so impractical for hauling anything more than people and the youth market (in my opinion) has been gravitating towards hatches lately.

  14. I don't care what name it has or what it looks like, as long as it is available as as a hatchback (prefer 4 door hatchback) or a stationwagon with the option of a fuel efficient DIESEL engine & 5 or 6 speed manual transmission. If any of you at Ford are reading this, MAKE SURE I HAVE THE OPTION OF A DIESEL ENGINE, if you want my continued business! The one thing that STINKS on my otherwise likeable 2001 Focus ZX3 5 speed is its POOR fuel economy!
    To the Ford brass, will there be "A Ford in my Future", or will it be a Toyota Prius or VW TDI Jetta Sportwagon? How can I get my message thru to the Ford brass? Do they ever read these blogs? Fuel economy is my TOP priority with the prospect of $5 Bush gas in the future!

  15. first off call it Verve not Fiesta,3 door hatch please. I have a 500sel sedan which i love but, would dump it in a heart beat for a Verve just like the pictures with a sunroof. pleaaaaase be smart about this ford!!!!!!!!

  16. "5 door diesel!!"

    ditto the 5 door diesel. don't make me have to buy a vw!! I dread the thought of buying parts to fix it. c'mon Ford, youcandoit!!

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