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Ford Verve Coming in 2010

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For Jim Farley, a new arrival at Ford and late of Toyota’s Scion brand, the new Verve subcompacts offer a second chance to launch a new small car into an American market that’s clearly migrating to more fuel-efficient, more compact vehicles.

“The small-car market could be bigger than trucks” in North America soon, Farley said, which is why so much effort is being put into the Verve subcompacts.

Ford introduced a sedan concept of the Verve at the 2008 Detroit auto show today, and Farley confirmed the Verve is headed for production as a 2010 model. The 2010 Verve, Farley says, will be a new addition to Ford’s collection of hallmark nameplates.

“It is our future,” Farley said.

Ford still hasn’t decided which body styles will be offered when the Verve enters production. Along with the four-door concept, Ford also showed the three-door Verve that had been introduced at the 2007 Frankfurt auto show. When it comes to the U.S., the conventional wisdom about hatchbacks selling poorly is being re-examined.

“Tastes about body styles are changing,” Farley said.
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Comments (4)
  1. Good job on the proportions of this car....usually big passenger area and short front and rear ends translates to pudgy and incoherent design, not so in this case.

  2. Ford MUST build this car and get back into the game of great looking small cars.
    Ford are you listening?

  3. If Ford wants my continued business they must offer the Verve with an optional diesel engine & hatchback, minivan, or station wagon. I currently drive a 2001 5 speed Focus ZX-3 which I bought new. The fuel economy STINKS! The 1996 Escort, which my step-daughter still has, got much better MPG. Fuel economy is of the highest priority to me with the prospect of $5+ "Bush" gas on the horizon. You make & sell diesels in Europe. If you refuse to offer a diesel option in an affordable economy car, there won't be a "Ford in My Future". Ford brass, are you reading this? Will my next car be a Toyota Prius, Chevy Volt plug in hybrid, VW TDI Sportwagon, or diesel Verve hatchback?

  4. Finally a good looking small car from Ford. If this car is done right I will buy it. I just hope they don't dumb down the interior with cheap plastic and no curves. I like the European model as is.
    Also, why didn't Ford just implement their foreign models in the US in the first place. I was in China last year and their focus is 10 times better looking than ours. WHY?
    I want so badly to like Ford, but right now there are so many areas for improvement

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