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Blind item: which Detroit designer’s feeling the heat? Which NYC-based auto exec is plotting his own swan dive? More to the point, how long before folks mistake us for the Star?

In real news this week, GM turned in a great profit—great by 2007 standards. By 1991 standards it would be Rick Wagoner, not his Blue Devils, making an early exit. Indianapolis, you are but a fond memory.

Ghosn is letting go of America. Like his French subjects, he must only really dig us when we save his ass.

Ford is sort of letting go of Aston Martin—but that token share they held on to is strictly a face-saving measure. Ford’s Euro bread is totally buttered in Britain, so don’t count on Jaguar going away until an even bigger sugar daddy strides on the scene.

Write it in ink: the 2007 New York auto show is where Toyota officially got scared of Hyundai.

BMW’s X6 is a go – now the only question is, what do you call a luxury four-door crossover cruiser? Our first guess is “pricey.”

Disses, not kisses: a Michigan politician thinks Schwarzenegger is telling his state to “drop dead.” No, dude—what he’s really saying would be more like, “Listen to me now und hear me later, you should drop dead, okay?” But that wouldn’t fit on a billboard, would it?

Driving while texting: is there an auto-reply that reads “call 911?”

Apparently, unicorns suck at driving and at being real.

And finally this week, sleeping pills could be causing sleep driving. We’d argue with you about it, but the talking beaver in the passenger seat is demanding “fourth meal.”
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