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2007 L.A. Show Design Challenge Page 2

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The Honda also brings a unique vision of vehicle ownership in the future, borrowing aspects from condos and timeshares. Families will still own larger vehicles, but smaller second vehicles will be replaced with shares in a common vehicle; the shares in turn would be traded through a Honda database.


First thought: Hmm. Something happened to empty out the suburbs. Someone’s been reading The End of Oil and other books like it.


Mazda Motonari RX

Mazda R&D of North America

Matthew Cunningham


2007 Mazda Motonari RX Concept

2007 Mazda Motonari RX Concept

Enlarge Photo
Named after Mori Motonari, a legendary Japanese warrior, the Motonari RX makes the driver and vehicle “indistinguishable from the other.” With a haptic-envelope driving suit serving as an interface between driver and vehicle, the road is experienced psycho-somatically, through electrical stimulation. The vehicle itself is made of a woven memory-alloy with photovoltaic coating, while four omni-wheels and electro-static nanomotors provide 360-degree movement.


Sheetmetal is dead, and traffic accidents are a thing of the past, predicts the year-2057 info sheet for the Mazda. Driving the Motonari RX would be a spectator sport in itself, as the effectiveness of cornering is controlled by occupant positioning, and in appearance it’s similar to street luge.


First thought: This is all fine and dandy, but what if you’re claustrophobic? And will having a battle-bot like this be the next measure of sex appeal?


Mercedes-Benz Silverflow

Mercedes-Benz Advanced Design of North America

Gorden Wagener, John Gill, Kevin Kang


2007 Mercedes-Benz Silverflow Concept

2007 Mercedes-Benz Silverflow Concept

Enlarge Photo
Like several of the other vehicle designs, the Silverflow can change its appearance depending on user needs. But here, all of its programmed modes are inspired by Mercedes-Benz’s open-wheel Grand Prix cars from the golden era of motorsports, with low profiles and tall, thin wheels.


The Silverflow is made entirely of micro-metallic particles that mold the car’s shape for the intended purpose; for instance, there’s a longer highway mode, a shortened city mode, and a side-by-side seating configuration. For storage, the car breaks itself down into a pool of material in a “semi-liquid state.”


First thought: A car of the future, and it looks like a car! No, wait, The Blob!

Nissan OneOne

Nissan Design America

Bruce Campbell, Doug Wilson, Robert Bauer, Bryan Thompson, Rie Arroba, Jeremy Malick, Laurie Tait, Matt Wilson, Soichi Maruyama


2007 Nissan OneOne Concept

2007 Nissan OneOne Concept

Enlarge Photo
Pronounced “won won,” and named for the Japanese description of a dog’s bark, this Nissan functions as a family’s best friend, taking care of errands via an integrated live GPS system and even tending to children. It’s powered by multiple sources such as integral solar cells and tiny hairs on the surface that create bursts of energy, and it’s capable of lending or borrowing energy to others.


The OneOne propels itself in an especially memorable way: it skates along, in a similar way as with rollerblades, with synthetic muscles on its ‘legs,’ then either lies down or stands up to function as a performance car or city car, respectively.


First thought: Triple lutz? Pretty please?


Toyota Biomobile Mecha

Calty Design Research

Edward Lee, Erwin Lui, Yo Hiruta, Kevin Hunter


2007 Toyota Biomobile Mecha Concept

2007 Toyota Biomobile Mecha Concept

Enlarge Photo
Imagine a future with limited ground space, pollution issues, depleted resources, and consumers no longer enthused about vehicles because of tedious travel. Enter the Biomobile Mecha.

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