• fb_100001050194001 avatar Mitch Posted: 8/14/2013 12:43pm PDT

    First off, to Mr. Musk...you go guy, the Tesla is an inspiration and Hyperloop would be no different. But what I really want to speak about here is California and their sad state of affairs.

    First, I'm a born and raised Angeleno, so I'm not speaking from an outside position here, when I say:

    Is there any more obvious example of California's obliviousness to reality than their budget for a system expending SIXTY-EIGHT-BILLION (WITH A 'B') FRIGGIN' DOLLARS...when they don't have one single 'cent' to pay for it? I mean, come on guys...GET FRIGGING REAL HERE!

    My dad and granddad both taught me...if you can't afford to pay for it...forget about it!

    Wise up California or be the first BK state in the union!

  • HyperloopCommunity.com avatar HyperloopCommunity.com Posted: 8/13/2013 6:41pm PDT

    No doubt, $6 billion dollars is a lot of money! It of course really only makes sense in the scale of public infrastructure projects. Hopefully we'll see a demonstration article soon, for much cheaper. Then, if that works, this would be a very hard idea to ignore.

  • bryandbaker avatar bryandbaker Posted: 8/17/2013 1:40pm PDT

    As much as I've enjoyed reading journalists speculations (Car Connection and GCRs are doing as well as any), I'd love to see some interviews/debates with knowledgeable engineers about the feasibility of the technologies involved, and specifically the technologies that Elon has asked for help on (pg 57 of his proposal).

  • fb_100001725197177 avatar Jerome Posted: 8/14/2013 2:12pm PDT

    Isn't it interesting he's not trying to sell this to China, Japan, or Europe, where he'd find a more receptive audience, , both in passengers and finance? Or perhaps the Texas Triangle or NY -DC?
    Maybe he wants to divert money from the high Speed Rail project so it won't be built, then abandon the Hyperloop, leaving California with nothing.
    At least the HSR project is fully planned out, while Hyperloop only exists as a drawing on a napkin - like the Laffer Curve! And you all know how well THAT works!
    BTW, the Hyperloop is LA - HAYWARD, not SF! And Hayward happens to be Musk's HQ.

  • bryandbaker avatar bryandbaker Posted: 8/17/2013 1:31pm PDT

    There's no conspiracy here. Just a sincere will to do good and benefit humanity, bringing us--even as we kick and scream along the way--to a better future that lives up to the promise of the age of information.

  • bryandbaker avatar bryandbaker Posted: 8/17/2013 1:35pm PDT

    So far the progression of this idea and Musk's involvement in it is following the same pattern as Tesla Motors. His goal was to invest and oversee, not run it day to day. I'd be very surprised that if this ever gets built, that he doesn't end up running it day to day as a SpaceX/Tesla co-engineered project. Musk "tried very hard" to find a CEO to run Tesla successfully, but couldn't...and who could possibly live up to Elon's standards if his standard is as high as he holds himself? He's Iron Man, after all.