• fb_100007961610441 avatar fb_100007961610441 Posted: 3/27/2014 11:38am PDT

    I can't afford any luxury or sport car. Why peoples are thinking sports cars are most beautiful cars. I have Honda Civic and i think this is most beautiful car in the world (at least for me).

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  • fb_100004009301273 avatar Stephanie Posted: 9/6/2013 12:15pm PDT

    "Beautiful" cars are great, but do you know what is even better? Donating your car - running or not - to www.onlinecardonation.com
    They will utilize your car(or van, truck, SUV, motorcycle, scooter, unicycle, ect.) to assist those who are in need!

  • firstchoicewheelsandtires avatar firstchoicewheelsandtires Posted: 8/5/2013 12:02pm PDT

    These cars are mobile works of art! Whether it be the sleek Italian sports cars, or the aggressive American muscle cars, cars serve as symbols of the diversity found throughout the world.

    - firstchoicewheelsandtires


  • fb_1405089969 avatar Ben Posted: 8/5/2013 9:15am PDT

    How id the viper beautiful? Have you seen it in profile? I looks like it snapped in half!

  • stillwaters29020 avatar stillwaters29020 Posted: 8/1/2013 6:28am PDT

    The Jaguar XK is certainly deserving of its place on this list. It is one georgous car. I owned one in Indigo Blue. I have to sell it after just 18 months though, as I could not keep it out of the shop long enough to enjoy it...:(

  • fb_1224815454 avatar Jim Posted: 7/29/2013 12:09pm PDT

    JMHO, but the new Cayman looks way better than the new 911 or Boxster. It's one of the few German sports cars that has some "Italian-esque" flavor that rivals Ferrari.