• bobbg44 avatar bobbg44 Posted: 7/23/2013 3:45am PDT

    Its the long term Database and how its used!
    Not the fact Law Enforcement is doing its job stopping Crimes and catching those outside of the Law.
    I'm Honest My tags are up to date I drive my car and my insurance is paid, I'm not breaking the law Why should how and where I travel be saved on a file system someplace?
    This is what the argument is about. And this might be a Privacy infringement! Just like This post and My e-mail are being read or saved to file without my permission!
    Who could pay to use this information? who collects this information? Who can collect this information???
    Who can call me to try and sell me Tires and junk for my car? Or insurance? Or track the fact I called in Sick for work but took a day to goof off instead?

  • Charger avatar Charger Posted: 7/23/2013 5:41am PDT

    I understand the issues of databases who/what/when... but the ACLU's point #1 has nothing to do with that:

    1. License plate readers may be used by law enforcement agencies only to investigate hits and in other circumstances in which law enforcement agents reasonably believe that the plate data are relevant to an ongoing criminal investigation.

    Unless I misunderstand the wording, this point would essentially make all random plate searches by law enforcement illegal, unless an existing crime is being investigated, which in my opinion is ludicrous. License plates are there to identify the car and the owner publicly to law enforcement, we have no privacy guarantee of the display of a license plate.

  • Charger avatar Charger Posted: 7/22/2013 10:55am PDT

    Police already do random plate checks manually in traffic now, why does the ACLU think there is any difference in automating this task? If I am evading insurance requirements, or have a fake tag on my vehicle, does the ACLU think forcing the police to do the search manually make it a more sporting chase?