• fb_100004754072119 avatar fb_100004754072119 Posted: 7/4/2013 8:08pm PDT

    It's American to support free-market capitalism. And that means buying the best products on the market for your needs and desires, regardless of where they were built or by whom they were built.

  • Danmanusos avatar Danmanusos Posted: 8/24/2013 11:07am PDT

    Wont be much of a market to be free-market with if all of the USA wealth gets transferred overseas.

  • fb_1062099260 avatar Peter Posted: 7/3/2013 11:10am PDT

    In Northern California the most aspirational brand is the Tesla brand which is American made.It maybe small production but the models S is a halo for Tesla car's coming our way by at more mass market prices.In our neighborhood you see much fewer Audi A8's,Mercedes S class and theBMW 7 series all replaced the model S .

  • ModernMode avatar ModernMode Posted: 7/3/2013 10:48am PDT

    Where do the profits go? I have no interest in supporting the Tokyo economy where Toyota's health car costs are zero. My wife drives a Ford. I drive a Dodge (at the time I bought my car, Chrysler was still American owned).

  • fb_100002031855520 avatar fb_100002031855520 Posted: 7/5/2013 8:38am PDT

    The labor costs, material costs, and equipment costs are FAR greater beyond comparison than the profits. When a vehicle is manufactured in the States, up to 80% of the total cost can stay here whereas only small percentage that is profit margin goes back to the country of the corporate origin. Vica versa when "American" brand is manufactured in Mexico, Canada, China, etc., most of the money stays there, including their taxes. They make "American" in foreign countries because the profit margins are a few percentage points greater while we as country lose billions of dollars in opportunity costs. Your motives are in the right direction, but with that being said, you have another reason to buy what's truly and proudly made in the great USA

  • hi100 avatar hi100 Posted: 7/3/2013 12:21pm PDT

    If Ford, GM and Chrysler wants USA citizens to buy American Autos ..Let them start by quit making outside of the USA and all this Mexico junk (and other places) they are shipping us, claiming them to be American Autos.
    NAFTA was a BIG Mistake as are most of the other Trade Agreements....It is to benefit the big Corporations profits and at the USA expense. USA is suffering for it. Look at Apple, GE and many others along with the auto corporation. We do not need a trade agreement with Japan, Korea or China. Do it on individual products, not a blanket agreement.
    Put Tariffs on Products that USA deem so.

  • fb_671144013 avatar Jonathan Posted: 7/3/2013 3:19pm PDT

    I guess it depends about what aspect an individual finds important about "American Made". If it is about jobs than it should be primarily about assembly location. You could extend further into supplier and parts locations if you really want that headache. If it is about profits, than I guess you go with the brand, though that gets a bit fuzzy as well as the Chrysler case illustrates most clearly.

    It has worked out that I have one Japanese, one European and one US assembled vehicle. But I buy used, so Americans received all my money regardless.

  • fb_1421861353 avatar Jonathan Posted: 7/3/2013 9:50am PDT

    For me, it it the Company that made the car.

  • Cfthelin avatar Cfthelin Posted: 7/3/2013 10:26am PDT

    You feel that way even if Chysler is largely owed by Fiat and General Motors is owned by the Government and the UAW?

  • fb_100000012264480 avatar Norman Posted: 7/7/2013 2:30pm PDT

    To me, where it is made is the deal-breaker. Origin of parts is a big issue as well. How many jobs are being created and maintained? Each person with a job is a potential customer for me.

  • Danmanusos avatar Danmanusos Posted: 8/24/2013 11:04am PDT

    Whatever puts the most money back in the AMERICAN economy. That's why as much as we liked the Fusion, we didn't buy it because it was made in Mexico. Get with it Ford!!

  • Danmanusos avatar Danmanusos Posted: 8/24/2013 11:05am PDT

    I should note we bought the Volt instead. Only problem was the battery and tranny were made elsewhere. Now at least the battery is made here. I can't wait to buy another one when the Expedition dies!!