• jimpimms avatar jimpimms Posted: 5/27/2013 1:46pm PDT

    Dropping the blood alcohol level to 0.05 will not improve public safety. Statistics prove that impaired drivers that cause death and property damage are almost always at or above 0.14. This new lower level is not designed to save lives; it's a clever hoax, designed to generate hundreds of millions of dollars in new revenues for the states and the lawyers, disguised as a public safety measure. Its collateral damage will create economic hardship for related businesses and the general public, while criminalizing many more innocent people. It's a terrible idea.

  • fb_601634786 avatar David Posted: 5/24/2013 6:39am PDT

    I can see the point of view of the NTSB. But, what it comes down to is this: Regardless of what percentage law makers make the BAC (blood alcohol content) number people who have problems with alcohol and can't judge when to stay of the road will continue to do so regardless of what the BAC is at for the legal definition of drunk driving.