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    You must be logged in Yto post your comment.our and all new cars are not selling much at all.The Dealers are calling me beging me to sell my used cars for top $ because the new cars are way to much money.come on a new Camaro is over 50 grand hell I got my new car 79 Firebird Formula v8 off showroom floor it cost loaded with air 7 grand.The new cars should go up but that's way to much.Heck I just bought a 2008 MX5 Tour car automatic soft top with 10,000 miles on it for 21,000 grand and that's for an old car the window sticker was still in clove box from the girl who bought it new in 08 it was 26 grand,People are out of work and money lost homes,cars its bad news 4 all of us.