• fb_100005050865830 avatar Daniel Posted: 4/2/2013 12:51am PDT

    Unfortunately not auto-lenders only fail to follow Equal Credit Opportunity Ac. I really think that money borrowing process has to be equal for everybody and does not matter what is the color of a person's skin. All that should matter is the credit report and attitude toward one's finances. I do not thing that race has something to do with that. So I think that if a lender does not comply with the standard, he has to be discharged or at least penalized!

  • fb_1259060034 avatar Rashard Posted: 3/26/2013 9:28am PDT

    The key here is toward the end of the article where the writer suggests that responsibility lies with the consumer. Too often, people walk into car dealerships having no idea how good or bad their credit is, and how that translates into the ability to buy or the interest rate they should expect if they can buy. Finance managers at dealerships choose the financing package that is most advantageous for them, not the consumer most of the time. At the minimum, anyone wanting to purchase a vehicle should get a copy of their credit report and score, and get pre-qualified at a bank or credit union to see how much they can borrow and at what rate.