• ModernMode avatar ModernMode Posted: 3/20/2013 1:37pm PDT

    What a waste of $3000.

  • Jobarent avatar Jobarent Posted: 3/20/2013 2:03pm PDT

    The NHTSA is way behind the times. They need to get with it and update their rules. Typical American government laziness. What about the Volvo's system of high beams on all the time ? Are those illegal in the U.S. also ?

  • fb_1386263030 avatar Lee Posted: 3/21/2013 6:39am PDT

    Another reason cars need to be able to switch to low-beam is as a courtesy for those of us who jog in the dark (or ride bicycles). Please dim your lights when you see reflective clothing bouncing your way (BTW, deer and other animals don’t wear reflective clothing). High beams are dimmed to keep from annoying people . . . not their cars. Sheesh. 

    Sorry . . . one of my many pet-peeves.

  • fb_100001496410939 avatar fb_100001496410939 Posted: 3/21/2013 6:51am PDT

    Just a theory...

    Regarding the the following comment: "Some tests have shown that cars with LED brake lights get rear-ended more often than those with incandescent lights."
    A further investigation may show that cars with LED breaklights are typically high-end models WITH BETTER BREAKING SYSTEMS that allow the vehicle to stop in shorter distances. Would any of you agree with this observation?

  • Philcat avatar Philcat Posted: 3/21/2013 8:46pm PDT

    Usually - owners have modded tail lights to inferior LED's.
    Until NTSB shows actual test results - totally flawed report by really old farts.
    Fact-I was maybe 7yrs old - Dad was giving me ride in brand new 63 Caddy convert - right off I noticed device on the dash - dimming headlights as others approached - I thought, this is really Cool.

  • fb_100003316976230 avatar Nemo Posted: 3/21/2013 8:58am PDT

    That would be great here in Detroit. Some very rude drivers tend to drive with their high beams on all the time. I flash mine or just put mine on high until they dim theirs. Sometimes they do and sometimes they don't. If they don't, too bad. Then there's the lazy ones who run on highs because one of their headlights is burned out. Go to the store and get a bulb. Lastly, you get the real idiots putting in HID lights in reflector based headlights blinding everyone. Ok, i'm done ranting.

  • march222013 avatar march222013 Posted: 3/22/2013 6:25am PDT

    Anyone who has driven a car with e-code headlights knows how superior they are to the DOT-blessed garbage we're forced to live with in the US. US regulators really need to get with the times.

  • fb_100000591345291 avatar Tom Posted: 3/22/2013 9:27am PDT

    Why don't they outlaw those blinding blue headlights on some cars?They are very dangerous to oncoming traffic.

  • Anubis avatar Anubis Posted: 4/29/2013 4:23pm PDT

    Those are HID bulbs.
    They are illegal, the problem is zero enforcement.
    Cops are to busy enforcing seat belt taxes instead of the things that matter.

  • nozferat avatar nozferat Posted: 5/8/2013 2:11pm PDT

    Hey but look on the bright side...14 year old kids in this country can walk around with high velocity rifles and AR-15's in case they need it....

  • fb_100003057579624 avatar Sue Posted: 2/4/2014 11:02pm PST

    Anything to blind people. When will it ever end??????????