• car follower avatar car follower Posted: 3/2/2013 9:55am PST

    The next big thing for the industry to give car and truck buyers better mileage is more gears in the transmissions. The days of the 6 speed transmissons are numbered. Everyone knows that 8 speeds will be the norm in two years time. I predict by the fall of 2017 the most manufactures will be 10 speed,particularly the South Korean and Chrysler vehicles as they are leading the industry now with 8speed. This will end the transmission speed race.
    P S: Couldn't believe my neighbour just about replaced his 5 year old Corolla for a new one that still has a 4 speed. In the end he went for an Elantra with a 6 speed,almost compromised when he looked at a Civic with only 5 speed. Maybe Hyundai is setting the pace when it comes to transmission.