• Concerned2000 avatar Concerned2000 Posted: 9/27/2012 3:43am PDT

    A better question would have been: Who is at fault when a driverless vehicle is involved in a traffic fatality?

    I'm not argueing agaisnt them, I'm just stating that the odds are that eventually it will happen. It may happen far less often that with a human driver, but it will still happen. Maybe it will be because of a software glitch, or a fautly or worn componant on the vehicle, or due to road conditions that make it unavoidable. But there will have to be a way to determine fault. Waiting till it happens is the worst possible solution. Putting a framework in place that addresses the fact that the owner / operator is not in control behind the wheel is the smart thing.

  • fb_1718721803 avatar fb_1718721803 Posted: 9/26/2012 9:59am PDT

    I'm all for it. Which automakers will start providing an option for an autonomous system in their vehicles? It would be like having a chauffeur drive you around. I personally could get some work done to and from work, and the same goes with other businessmen and women that end up having to drive themselves around.