• fb_1637149135 avatar Patrick Posted: 9/24/2012 7:11pm PDT

    Still dealing with the Nightmare that is my 2012 S60 T5! My 2nd car has a laundry list of issues. Some Volvo will ack. others they stay blissfully ignorant. Just look at the recalls since '10 for Volvo's. Fuel cut out (which mine was a nexus for & still happens) Fires & faulty airbags. The new 25% offset crash test results are nice. But with my exp; I want to know how it performs if hit from the rear in the same manner. I say this due to have broken down in 6 states. With several near misses while waiting in the side of the road for Volvo on call. The new product isn't up to par quality wise as we have come to expect from this once great brand.