• SLLCC avatar SLLCC Posted: 7/4/2012 4:03pm PDT

    Crossovers' and SUVs' large wheel wells, needed to accomodate unnecessarily large wheels and tires, rob cabin space. The Infiniti FX, Jeep Grand Cherokee, Ford Taurus, and similar behemoths are small on the inside and big on the outside. Too bad there is such a paltry choice of new station wagons.

  • fb_4803564 avatar Reginald Posted: 7/5/2012 5:51am PDT

    Great conclusion; most people in crossovers and SUV's really should get a sedan, hatch, wagon, or minivan. However, while the Passat is a nice large car for a mid-size sedan, it is clearly not the largest mid size sedan currently available. If I'm not mistaken, Sonata, Camry, and Accord all are larger in EPA interior vs the Passat. The Sonata and Accord by a fairly large margin.

  • WtfWtf avatar WtfWtf Posted: 7/5/2012 8:29am PDT

    Blame the CAFE standards. They apply to "cars", but "light trucks" and "utility" vehicles are either exempt, or under less stringent requirements. This effectively killed off the useful "large sedan" and the "station wagon", which used to have heavy towing capacities, and rear wheel drive. To date, the most recent revision is as follows:
    "CAFE footprint requirements are set up such that a vehicle with a larger footprint has a lower fuel economy requirement than a vehicle with a smaller footprint."
    All of this led to the creation of the SUV, and effectively replaced the large sedan and station wagon, which were both safer, more stable, and more economical. Welcome to the era of unintended consequences, and oil company vested bureaucrats.

  • fb_1421239286 avatar fb_1421239286 Posted: 7/9/2012 4:25pm PDT

    If I had the cash for new I would have the Passat in a heartbeat!! And I would rather drive a suv than a sedan.