• james myers avatar james myers Posted: 4/25/2012 4:31pm PDT

    Obviously, Business Week didn't take into account China's Communist State, California. I paid $4.49.9 on April 23rd, this year for medium grade Chevron which my car requires.

  • richard avatar Richard Posted: 4/26/2012 8:22am PDT

    Well, as we said above, it's the national average that Business Week was looking at. That figure hasn't crossed the $4 mark yet this year.

    And if it makes you feel any better, parts of Alaska have been paying $6 for regular unleaded.

  • biochfan avatar biochfan Posted: 4/26/2012 7:29am PDT

    I'm sure something will happen (justified or not....Most likely NOT) and the price will go back up. I am constantly amazed at the excuses and reasons given( dreamt up reasons?) for a spike in gas prices.

  • Mr. Nuts avatar Mr. Nuts Posted: 4/26/2012 10:28am PDT

    I'm sure the speculators and oil companies will cook up a reason to drive prices higher. Some Iranian mullah has a pimple on his butt -- crude goes up. Gas gets juked higher due to tight refining capacity -- even though we're exported finished product worldwide. Consumers just can't win other than to use as little of the stuff as possible.

  • joebed1 avatar joebed1 Posted: 4/26/2012 11:18am PDT

    West. NY . $4.69 Pre. $4.39 Reg. In Jan I was paying $3.15 Reg. in Fla. @ Hess...