• fb_82100996 avatar Richard Posted: 4/20/2012 7:39am PDT

    How exactly was this a "first drive"? This was a press release. Doesn't even sound like you drove it.

  • marty avatar Marty Posted: 4/20/2012 8:03am PDT

    Did you follow the link to the review, Rich?

  • USAFANG67 avatar USAFANG67 Posted: 4/23/2012 1:20pm PDT

    Ford's has it work cut out for itself to compete against say the KIA/Hyundai and the up and coming 2014 Subaru Forester.
    Why because they are going to under cut the 2013 Escape by a fair amount of $. Money talks as they say.

  • fb_100000641225953 avatar Bill Posted: 4/20/2012 10:33am PDT

    It seems like it should be a good vehicle, too bad it is just so damn ugly (Pontiac Aztec anyone?).

  • fb_121509040 avatar Miraj Posted: 4/21/2012 6:01am PDT

    I wouldn't say it's ugly, but it's overdoing it way too much, especially the interior, but definitely a reminder to the Aztec. Not something I'd spend my money on.