• shocker avatar shocker Posted: 3/21/2012 5:37am PDT

    This obviously shares a platform with the new Colorado. So if it is body on frame are we getting towing capacity of over 5000 lbs. like the previous Trailblazer? Why can't Chevy build class leading vehicles instead of "me too" stuff. People in the U.S. like Chevy's but the quality of them really hurts. 2012 consumer reports car issue has 1 Chevy-the Avalanche- in the top ten and 5 for Toyota. Come on GM get with it!

  • USAFANG67 avatar USAFANG67 Posted: 3/21/2012 10:38am PDT

    GM can't get with it because nothing but nothing has changed at the top of GM's helm. "Welcome to the new boss same as the old boss".