• fb_636430164 avatar Tyrone Posted: 2/23/2013 3:50pm PST

    Whats missing in this report is the fact that , almost everyone cant see the difference in build quality between these two vehicles. they all look at the paper report. You put these two vehicles side by side on a hoist, and start from front to back. You will see why Honda cant compete with Toyota. simple reason is Honda do not have the money to do what Toyota do in there research and development. One of the reasons I dont go to car shows anymore. I dont get caught up in the smoke and mirror, bling, around cars too long.

  • fb_1546065478 avatar Alvin Posted: 3/1/2013 10:44pm PST

    I'm sorry, but you sound like an absolute Toyota fanboy...here are the facts...Honda is the #1 manufacturer of motors in the world...Toyota is #1 as far as sales # (which are inflated due to fleet/rental car sales), however, interior quality should match exterior quality. I've owned everything from Toyota, Nissan, Honda, Ford, and even Hyundai...Toyota is severely lacking in the handling department, and I would seriously pick a Hyundai over them. With that being said, there's a reason why non-corporate sales figures favor the Accord for performance, driveability, comfort, and quality. That's the facts, not opinion

  • fb_100000700667258 avatar Abhishek Posted: 11/26/2013 11:57am PST

    If you want handing, get 2013 Camry SE, it has sport suspension which offer smaller turning radious than any accord. I own it 4 cyl , I can do 0-60 in 7.9 sec and take sharp turn as high speed which is same as any 13 accord 4 cyl. now the price $$$$$ accord sport is almost $1500 to 2k costlier and camry SE I4, when it comes to true price paid to dealers. Also a 2013 camry se V6 is faster than any accord v6. 0-60 in 5.6 secs. Also my friend Toyota sells twice the numbers of cars sold by honda world wide.
    go to wikipedia and toyota revenvue vs honda revenue. Even the article says SE is very responsive

  • Pickboz avatar Pickboz Posted: 2/18/2013 6:35pm PST

    I will vote for the Fusion. I do not want my car look old fashion next year!

  • fb_100001606571856 avatar Nick Posted: 2/20/2013 11:36am PST

    Well, pickboz, Fusions and All Fords aren't exactly styling trend-setters. Ford should have taken styling cues from their once-partners MAZDA if they really wanted cutting edge styling. As for style, Ford can't even compete with GM!

  • fb_636430164 avatar Tyrone Posted: 9/14/2012 4:52pm PDT

    If you have been Rustproofing these two vehicles for the last 25 years, you would understand why the Camry cant be match by the Accord.
    Camry build quality is just too far ahead of the Accord, and this has been that way since the 80's. Today you look at the underside of both vehicles side by side, and you will understand what I am talking about. Unfortunately
    all auto journalist only see the interior bling, and think thats what makes the vehicle. As a rustproofer for the last 25 years. Honda Products dont hold up to Toyota product, different quality construction, and materials.....

  • fb_673257240 avatar Kevin Posted: 12/5/2012 10:56am PST

    Bling aside, drive accord for a couple of yrs then drive camry for a couple of yrs. Your accord may start falling apart but camry usually remains solid. Ask any car guru

  • fb_1546065478 avatar Alvin Posted: 3/1/2013 10:47pm PST

    really? Accord will fall apart after a few years? Then why did my Camry start falling apart after year 5, but my Accord lasted me 12 years without a single incident, either engine, interior, or the aforementioned "rust"...be a fan of Toyota, but back up your arguments with facts, not personalized non-sense. It's a known fact, Toyota's are designed for engine quality on a budget, cheap interior (they admitted this), and comfortable drive, which is why old people love them. But you ask what someone who actually enjoys driving would prefer driving in either traffic, long road trips, or on any given day between these two cars, most of the votes will go to the Accord. And I have driven both so no bias.

  • bsmith82 avatar bsmith82 Posted: 9/12/2012 10:45am PDT

    While both are pretty nice rides, I would vote for the Fusion. If you are talking value and features- neither of these guys have anything on the Fusion. Toyota has struggled with electronics and sudden acceleration problems while Honda is pretty boring and technologically inferior.. Ford also has the sustainability and green initiative which is far more than T or Honda.

  • fb_636430164 avatar Tyrone Posted: 9/14/2012 4:58pm PDT

    Sorry the Mexican built vehicle is not in the same ball park with either Toyota and Honda, hopefully you get a fusion built North America.
    Accord and Camry has more North American Content, than every Ford product at this time.