• biochfan avatar biochfan Posted: 6/12/2012 6:28am PDT

    I test drove a 2004 Jeep Liberty when I was vehicle shopping the last time. Liked the way it drove but didn't buy as I couldn't come to terms with the dealer and they didn't have the color I wanted. Bought a new 2003 Honda CR-V and haven't had one bit of trouble with it (mechinal or otherwise) since purchase. One gets what one pays for and I am SO glad I didn't buy a Jeep (aka: Chrysler)!

  • yecats323 avatar yecats323 Posted: 4/23/2012 4:13pm PDT

    I took my jeep in for the recall... I did not have ANY issues at all before taking the jeep to be serviced. once they "fixed" the recall, my power steering fluid is now leaking everywhere and they had to "fix" the recall again becuase they put it in wrong the first time. very upset and refuse to pay the 1200.00 to "fix" the hose and bracket THEY broke. what a crock! very sad and upset that a jeep dealership would treat anyone this way.

  • fb_100000246955509 avatar Jennifer Posted: 3/7/2012 9:08am PST

    They should recall the WHOLE 2004 Liberty. I've had nothing but major probs with it. 1000 miles after the warranty ran out...my engine blew. The month after I paid it off, the tranny went! Now this! I can't sell it with a bad tranny so I'm saving up to fix the darn thing! Can't use a used tranny either as I'm afraid it will happen to that one!