• svegliando avatar svegliando Posted: 3/6/2012 11:27am PST

    Very interesting study. I fit in the middle age group and, unless covered under some kind of warranty, I always find a local shop for service. Personally, this just stems from the fact that my car purchasing experiences have always been negative at the dealership so I try to minimize the amount of time I spend there (unless there is financial incentive).

  • richard avatar Richard Posted: 3/6/2012 12:32pm PST

    Point well taken. I've DEFINITELY had unpleasant experiences at Pep Boys, but at least I haven't had to drive 30 minutes out of my way to get there. To really lure customers back, dealer service departments need (a) better pricing, and (b) the same customer service training that sales departments are getting right now.

  • itiswhatitis972 avatar itiswhatitis972 Posted: 5/2/2012 2:42pm PDT

    i can see why the dealers are loosing their "bread and butter" services or any service by that matter, they need to be more realistic with their prices example my caliber locked up on my suburban, dealer ship wanted $185 just to order it not to install, i paid 85.00 at a local mom and pop shop soo once again the greed of the dealers has been their flaws...