• fb_756493434 avatar Brian Posted: 2/8/2012 11:06am PST

    That's a good looking little beast - Tho I wonder how this is rated at lower mileage than the Elantra sedan? Seems Hyundai might have done some tuning to push it to the 40MPG mark...

  • Ernst avatar Ernst Posted: 2/8/2012 1:26pm PST

    @Brian, my guess is that it's less aerodynamic than the sedan, which is why it's rated slight lower in fuel economy.

    Now if Hyundai would only build a version with AWD, the 274-horsepower turbo four from the Sonata Turbo and a decent six-speed manual gearbox...

  • gtblackwell avatar gtblackwell Posted: 2/13/2012 7:54pm PST

    It's close cousin the Kia Forte Hatch has a 2.4 liter engine that is appealing. Kia is 35% owned by Hyundai but appears to always have a design edge

  • fb_100003650204723 avatar Amanda Posted: 3/19/2012 11:35pm PDT

    2013 Hyundai Elantra GT is U.S. model of European i30. The automaker says that this is pretty good for cruising range of about 448 miles.