• diehard2 avatar diehard2 Posted: 9/12/2013 1:51pm PDT

    I'd like to know how the GAS GUZZLER TAX is being used. Is it going to the people as credits on buying fuel efficient vehicles? I doubt it! Is it going to the manufacturers for research into more efficient vehicles? I doubt it. Although the car manufacturers are responsible for it, it's the car buyers that pay for it. Is it affecting sales of those gas guzzling cars? Not much!!!

  • Doberman15 avatar Doberman15 Posted: 1/19/2012 5:41am PST

    I hate things like this... it's "only $2000".

    At 35mpg in a 20 gal tank it'd get you 700 miles, and it'd cost $80 to fill which is 11 cents per mile. At 45 mpg in a 20 gal tank you'd get 900 miles on $80 to fill up. Break the math out and you dont even meet $2000 in savings until over 60,000 miles. Assuming the $2000 is actually what the technology costs... owners MAY save $1500 through the life of the vehicle... And assume that EPA and our President are correct, it'll take you over 90,000 miles to even save the $3200 dollars in gas. It's just scary to think about if VW is accurate in their $5000 estimates.

  • danman avatar danman Posted: 1/21/2012 10:03am PST

    That's great except the CAFE isn't going from 35 to 45, it's going from 27.5 to 52.5 or 35 miles per gallon which by your own calculation would save $2000 in 24k miles and $10000 before you even hit the 100k mark. If you have a 35 mph car, keep it. No one is forcing you into a 45 mpg car, but on the other hand you can buy a 45 mpg car right now in the entry market so what is there to complain about exactly?

  • danman avatar danman Posted: 1/21/2012 10:03am PST

    Sorry the increase is 25 mpg, all calculations reflect 25, not 35.