• fr8bil avatar fr8bil Posted: 1/13/2012 9:15am PST

    Can you spell "Lawsuit"? I and others derailed the installation of red light cameras at my former address by plainly and openly stating at a Board of Aldermen meeting my objections. Among them I factually stated that if I were first in line, stopped at a red light, and any emergency vehicle pulled up behind me with lights and siren on and expected me to pull into the intersection to clear the way, I would refuse to move one inch due to the presence of a Red Light Camera which would automatically issue a ticket. These cameras are nothing more than revenue generators and the numbers of rear-end collisons are statistically proven to climb dramatically after their installation. They only increase resentment and hate of Govt.

  • HenryHG avatar HenryHG Posted: 1/12/2012 12:49pm PST

    Include the collection agency and the camera company in the suit!

    Abuan is not to blame here. The city, camera company and collection agency had to make many mistakes for this to happen. First, they mailed to an address they would have known had no home delivery - if they were using proper mailing software. Second, when the letter was returned undelivered, they should have re-accessed the DMV records where they would have seen the PO Box address, and then either re-mailed the ticket to the PO Box, or stopped the prosecution. Third, the collection agency destroyed Abuan's credit, despite having no evidence that service had been completed and also despite having access to DMV records where they should have noticed the PO Box.