• RAFGT5R avatar RAFGT5R Posted: 11/27/2011 5:33pm PST

    "It's a little shocking to see companies like Toyota and Mercedes at the bottom of the list -- companies known for turning out many well-made vehicles." Really? I thought Mercedes had lost its way of making "well-made" vehicles.

  • JulieCarGal avatar JulieCarGal Posted: 11/28/2011 12:02pm PST

    I understand the demand for "high technology" as a "draw" for younger/tech savvy customers. BUT, on average NOT all consumers are, which leads to frustration and dissatisfaction. I am very familiar with MyTouch/Sync Systems..we spend more time with customers to help them understand the system. We actually offer 2nd and 3rd visits AND more training by appointment. Yes there have been many "glitches" as noted above (unable to find an address, etc)(which there is now new software for)..When explaining this technology the buyer(s) usually fall into an "too much information overload"..no longer "taking in" the instructions. Owners Manuals,DVD's provided but truly who spends time with them? Glitches aside there will continue to be unhappy drivers

  • fb_100000873258355 avatar Dutch Posted: 11/29/2011 5:02am PST

    On the positive side, today's navigation systems don't require you to first load a handful of CDs, like the M-B system did just 5 years ago. Presumably the optioned navigation systems also stand up better to the automotive environment than the aftermarket gadgets. I've had to thrown out a TomTom after only 8 weeks in the car (2 weeks past its warranty) and a Nextar gps lasted only 3 months in the heat and humidity of my car.