• larry300 avatar larry300 Posted: 11/17/2011 3:21pm PST

    When they speak of light trucks avg +/- 50mpg, are they talking about micro-compacts such as the discontinued (despite the fact it sold enough to compete with the "newer" escape) Ford ranger? Because we don't have any here in the US. And unless smaller diesels become more available for the current compact trucks such as the rest of the world, I say dream on Washington.

  • richard avatar Richard Posted: 11/18/2011 3:59am PST

    Remember, these are fleet-wide averages we're talking about. Light trucks and SUVs won't be held to the same standard as compact cars. Targets for large trucks like the Chevy Silverado will be closer to 33mpg (and real-world stats won't even be quite that high). For details, check the table on page 5 of this PDF from the EPA: http://www.epa.gov/otaq/climate/documents/420f11038.pdf

  • larry300 avatar larry300 Posted: 11/19/2011 4:03pm PST