• fb_1268314561 avatar Jeff Posted: 11/11/2011 12:04am PST

    The one thing not mentioned in this article that has alot to do with Suzuki not attending the LA show is that Suzuki currently has a very small footprint in California. Even though Suzuki is headquartered in Brea, American Suzuki has acknowledged previous that it has yet to make a dent in the California car market, thus with an almost non-existant dealer presence in that state, it makes little sense to spend significant marketing dollars at a auto show there. American Suzuki is focusing on its most important markets and California just isn't one of them. As for the Detroit show, it doesn't make much sense for American Suzuki to pick up the Detroit show again until after the next generation of Suzuki product line arrives after 2013.

  • fb_1268314561 avatar Jeff Posted: 11/11/2011 12:39am PST

    Also, American Suzuki has a much smaller marketing budget than most other brands in the U.S. even other brands that are similar in size to Suzuki here, so it really makes alot of sense for Suzuki to focus its scarce marketing dollars on areas where it actually has a presence. Sometimes the most obvious explination actually is the right one, and that seems to be the case here. There doesn't really seem to be a strong case or need to add in silly speculations here considering what has already been stated fits the situation. I don't know what's happend to journalistic standards lol.