• fb_100000365175434 avatar Stephen Posted: 9/16/2011 1:29pm PDT

    Their current lack of focus is not surprising considering that defact CEO Obama has ZERO business experience.

  • fb_1259193306 avatar YEh Posted: 9/15/2011 12:15pm PDT

    Always been a fan of this brand! Stylish yet innovative cars.

  • Mr. Nuts avatar Mr. Nuts Posted: 9/15/2011 11:19pm PDT

    Goodby's such an awesome advertising agency -- if this was 1995. Now it's loaded with a bunch of dopey hipsters -- most of whom don't even drive. Good luck getting a bunch of fartheads who don't even know how to check the air in their tires (if they own a car) to know how to persuade people to buy them. Ewanick just isn't the right guy to move metal for GM. Even the Cadillac ads suck.

  • fb_1491948054 avatar Kurt Posted: 9/16/2011 5:00am PDT

    @Mr. Nuts, I've noticed that Cadillac is now repeating their TV ads from a few years back, pushing the CTS-V as "the world's fastest production sedan."

  • Mr. Nuts avatar Mr. Nuts Posted: 9/16/2011 8:45am PDT

    Cadillac's leaving a golden opportunity on the table by not using comparison advertising to drive home the same point in a more effective manner. Just showing a car driving around the Nürburgring isn't enough to drive this point home. Lining up a CTS-V, BMW M5 and Mercedes-Benz E63 then asking people "which one is fastest" -- then aggressively pointing out to the people selecting the German cars that they're wrong would punch through the clutter and drive the point home. Just selling a handful of CTS-Vs in not enough -- changing the perception of the Cadillac brand and gaining market share at the expense of its competitors is. I don't see Chevy doing it. Cadillac certainly isn't doing. Buick? Because of the product and product alone.

  • fb_100000351085371 avatar Richard Joash Posted: 9/16/2011 4:45am PDT

    we have the "Love This Chevy!" commercial in my country which is the Philippines

  • fb_1510606196 avatar Carl Posted: 9/16/2011 10:35am PDT

    Dinah Shore - 1957

    See the USA in your Chevrolet
    America is asking you to call
    Drive your Chevrolet through the USA
    America's the greatest land of all

    You can't beat that Kurt

  • fb_1491948054 avatar Kurt Posted: 9/16/2011 12:16pm PDT

    @Carl, I wonder how many people know who Dinah Shore is these days?

  • bluerollerskate avatar bluerollerskate Posted: 9/18/2011 1:41pm PDT

    I find it interesting that no one has questioned the relationship with the agency and ewanik. There is also the fact that ewanik hired his cronies from hyundai to follow him to GM namely his college room-mate. Wonder what kind of payola is going on there.

  • theinric avatar theinric Posted: 10/9/2011 3:15pm PDT

    The Chevy Runs Deep "like father like son" Silverado ad is fantastic. Well acted, subtle, good music. The look on the kids face when his Dad drives into the driveway is priceless. This ad looks like it was done by Don Draper of "Mad Men." Absolutely fantastic. Better than Apple commercials. An award winner.