• dbeatty avatar dbeatty Posted: 9/13/2011 2:26pm PDT

    As project manager for the Oklahoma Compulsory Insurance Verification System, I was not contacted regarding Oklahoma's uninsured rate. I find it interesting that a negative statistic can be created without input from the state for which the statistic is claimed to be known. David Beatty, Department of Public Safety, State of Oklahoma, OCIVS Project Manager

  • mtroyal avatar mtroyal Posted: 9/14/2011 5:32am PDT

    If you buy insurance for 50 years with no accident, aren't you out tens of thousands of dollars?
    No mention of the millions on food stamps due to mandatory auto insurance. A food stamp survey done by the Montana DPHHS showed 12% are on food stamps due to mandatory auto insurance (http://www.foodstampstudy.)
    People do not need 20,000$ vehicles to get to work. If someone with a 20,000$ vehicle (which he does not need) gets in an auto accident on a public highway (where he has no right to drive) gets no sympathy from me. Protect your own vehicle.