• fb_100000486134019 avatar Jason Posted: 8/27/2011 7:35pm PDT

    Hey Toyota, the Subaru Legacy just called, it wants it's taillights back!

  • FlowRW avatar FlowRW Posted: 8/24/2011 11:19am PDT

    Yawwwwnnnnnnn. This "new" Corolla, I mean Camry just reenforces the reasons I think most Toyota's are borning and run-of-the-mill-me-too cars.

  • Westwind avatar Westwind Posted: 8/25/2011 4:03pm PDT

    My first thought - Corolla. I own a 1995 Camry,
    it's been a good car but ugly, interior cheap compared to my 1989 LE and my 1994 XLE. Don't think there will be another in my future although it has been a very reliable car to date 50K miles.

  • fb_82100996 avatar Richard Posted: 8/23/2011 1:26pm PDT

    GM, Ford and Hyundai must be popping the champagne corks today because this new Camry looks cheap and dull. Kind of like a mid-90s Corolla.

    Hey, Toyota, putting an ugly, dull car in red does not make it sporty.

  • auto aficionado avatar auto aficionado Posted: 8/23/2011 12:59pm PDT

    This styling is a disaster - at first I thought someone accidentally put pictures of the Corolla up! With all of the competitors upping the ante (new Malibu, Sonata, etc.) Toyota blew it. Even the new Passat at least has an upscale conservative look. This thing looks like a rental/fleet car. Too bad.