• USAFANG67 avatar USAFANG67 Posted: 7/29/2011 12:13pm PDT

    I'd take the Focus over the Cruze any day.

  • fb_100002320805019 avatar Bryan Posted: 7/29/2011 7:26pm PDT

    I concur, Matt.

  • Trackertx-17 avatar Trackertx-17 Posted: 9/3/2011 3:19pm PDT

    The new 2012 Focus has a transmission shudder at low speeds. Dealer says it is a brak in issue, at 5000 miles my car still has issue. Customer servce states the car has to have a tranmission evaluation, that will have to be paid by customer.

  • fb_100002819557662 avatar Robert Posted: 2/4/2012 10:36am PST

    Call your dealer and and ask for Ford's territory manager contact info...
    Most dealers don't want a complaint escalated because it can affect their satisfaction ratting and cost them Ford promotion money

  • mcapjh@yahoo.com avatar mcapjh@yahoo.com Posted: 12/22/2011 6:32am PST

    I recently bought a 2012 Ford Focus and and after being rear ended found I have a wading pool in my tire well, has anyone else experienced this problem? When I brought the vehicle to the dealer for an estimae their body shop expert lifted the carpet in the hatch to reveal a pool of water encompassing my spare tire. He knew to look there and said it was a manufacturing defect, it was not an area of the vehicle you would normally look with a crash involving the rear bumper.

  • ptrsan avatar ptrsan Posted: 7/13/2012 11:43am PDT

    Our 2012 Focus SE with the auto-manual transmission is having to be rebuilt and the computer re-flashed. with only 8K on it! As I have googled the problem, I have found HUNDREDS of owners , all with the same issue. slipping, grinding and eventual failure. Ford keeps trying to say it is a break in issue, so I had them use a magnet and guess what! They finally agreed there was a problem......metal shavings in the trans. I would NOT buy a focus until they give a true automatic transmission!