• USAFANG67 avatar USAFANG67 Posted: 7/24/2011 10:52am PDT

    If you are here illegally it should not require you be caught speeding or DWI to be deported.
    That's akin to it's ok to rob a bank provided you don't get caught!
    Both are criminal offenses from the get go!!

  • use2play avatar use2play Posted: 7/23/2011 8:47am PDT

    We need more random vehicle checks to see who has insurance and registration - deport illegals, sell cars to finance program - FINE those without proper registration and insurance OR confiscate cars until same is provided!

  • cracovian avatar cracovian Posted: 7/22/2011 5:31pm PDT

    Illegal immigrants also almost always drive without a drivers license and insurance (can't get one without a valid SS number.) So guess what would happen to you or me if we were caught this way... In the past, the police couldn't even talk to INS (or whatever it's called now) but now they can. It sounds a bit totalitarian but is a norm in every other country (especially Mexico) so tough luck.

    It's a broken system all around but you can't let them stay once caught no matter what they might have been doing or how innocent (especially without the right documents) they might have looked.

  • fb_100000195280497 avatar Art Posted: 7/22/2011 1:54pm PDT

    What a good news story for a change. Get rid of the illegals who can harm innocent people by driving drunk or peddling drugs. It they obey the laws and come in legally and contribute I'm all for it.