• JEANBARSALOU avatar JEANBARSALOU Posted: 7/11/2011 5:44pm PDT

    As in the past 30 years,Ford think if they build it they will buy it!The American worker is makind less money and will not buy poor value even if "STUPID FORD OPERATIONS BUILD IT" Just lucky TATA motors gave them money,if not they would be bankrupt by now.

  • verzier55 avatar verzier55 Posted: 9/27/2011 8:49am PDT

    I purchased a MKT two years ago. I consider it the best vehicle I have ever owned. And i have owned them all in my 55 year driving career. The car still turns heads. The compliments keep coming. The only explanation for failed sales in my opinion is the price. If you are going to spend $60,000 most will opt for a Lexus, BMW or the like. I've had both and believe me they were no match for my MKT.