• fb_1510606196 avatar Carl Posted: 7/11/2011 11:10am PDT

    Thinking more about it - I hope the g'ment would butt out. Trial lawyers and insurance companies will handle the job.

  • fb_1510606196 avatar Carl Posted: 7/11/2011 11:08am PDT

    Once upon a time every vehicle had a radiator fan driven by a v-belt. That kind of sound can't be too hard to reproduce. I doubt that such a noise would be offensive. Even an electric car should require cooling for the high-amperage electronic governor/converters.

  • USAFANG67 avatar USAFANG67 Posted: 7/11/2011 10:59am PDT

    "NHTSA To Mandate Pedestrian Alert Tones For Hybrid, Electric Cars"

    This WAS suppose to be one of the benefits of Hybrids/EV a quieter ride and less noise pollution especially in city environment. Now we have taken away yet another benefit of Hybrids/EV vehicles.
    For the sake of one we give up so much to be above the fray......YEA RIGHT!