• fb_1257756928 avatar Tyron Posted: 8/15/2011 9:51pm PDT

    Buick Chevy and GM has got to get it together,, they have got to get our cars out of china, and bring them home to us, America.. we don't want that foriegin marlarky, our GM's product's are good, however we are missing the excitement division and the gereatric oldsmobile, America loved those cars and GM Buick Chevy took it upon themseleves to put the best in china. if you all google 2009 or 2010 and maybe 2011 you will find Park Avenue and Caprice, for the Chinnise WOW America, go to the web-site get the infomation to contact these misfit's, so we can bring a screaching halt to this malfeeciess

  • Bizman45 avatar Bizman45 Posted: 7/6/2011 7:51pm PDT

    Ford is dealing with the My Touch / Sync issue with proper training for salespeople. It's not so much that the system does not work, it's more that customers are not explained how it works on delivery. Customers are left confused and frustrated trying to learn it themselves because of its complexity. Once a person understands the system it is great and works quite well. Granted, there are some minor glitches but for the most part the complaints come from misunderstandings.

  • fb_1841334499 avatar fb_1841334499 Posted: 7/6/2011 10:36am PDT

    Most people are idiots! They think that ALL foreign cars are great and American cars have problems. What about Toyota? Especially Chrysler, they went up over 30% in sales, and the other companies went up also. Most of those surveys are bogus, sponsored by car magazines that LOVE foreign makes!

  • richard avatar Richard Posted: 7/6/2011 1:02pm PDT

    We could cite lots of iffy surveys: automakers, consumer groups, and other interested parties are pretty good at finding data to suit their needs. But YouGov is an independent marketing research firm, and it draws from a large base of respondents, so its stats should be pretty accurate -- even if public opinion doesn't line up with sales figures.