• Thomas6715 avatar Thomas6715 Posted: 7/5/2011 7:51pm PDT

    Chevy serviced car never said a word about dangerously warn tires. The rear almost blew on the way to Fla. 17,000 mi. Bought more in Fla.

  • fb_100001119012232 avatar Debby Posted: 7/5/2011 8:43pm PDT

    Already went through one set of tires;the dealership found problems with rear end, and had to pay repair out of MY pocket. Also had rust removed trunk area dealership paid for repair,but wow a brand new car 2008 rusting already! It just keeps getting better ;I parked the car got out ran inside to pay a bill , then got back into my car went to put into reverse and the shift lever would not into gear .Had to call a tow truck out of pocket to take to dealership to leave there overnight to find out it was nothing more than a broken wire, that I had to pay for again out of pocket. This is b.s. I feel I've bought a lemon ; just what I need now that I'm unemployed!!!!!