• Cfthelin avatar Cfthelin Posted: 7/5/2011 6:15pm PDT

    "something the agency has never investigated." Of course not. Obama has decreed that Government Motors can do no wrong.

  • imhisgem avatar imhisgem Posted: 1/4/2014 10:07am PST

    I was wondering as to why inspection failed on tires and then again the following year after purchasing tires already twice. Then finally this time after rotating tires I was told about the spindle rod being broken. So I already had to purchase 4 new tires twice in 2 years. Why don't we get some help from the GM. I was thinking about buying the Equinox next but now I don't have trust in GM. How can we contact GM directly about this problem and a refund of price of tires. I bought extended warranty, does this fall into the warranty coverage
    Thank you

  • grannychuck305 avatar grannychuck305 Posted: 7/10/2014 11:26am PDT

    How do we get added to this lawsuit?