• fb_100002604715024 avatar Nick Posted: 7/17/2012 1:12pm PDT

    As a loyal Honda owner, the thing I find amazing is not that he drove the car a million miles, but that he did so in the harsh climate of Maine. His driving 50,000 to 70,000 miles a year suggests that many of those miles were on the open highway, which I'm sure helped. I thought I had done well with my 1984 Honda CRX, which has 449,000 miles (original engine and transmission), but the body is completely rusted and frame coming apart due to New Jersey winter driving conditions for the first decade I had the car. I would have had to spend an enormous amount of time cleaning and maintaining it to have made closer to a million miles, which is what this guy did. But this certainly proves that it's possible, at least with older Hondas.

  • Ernst avatar Ernst Posted: 7/18/2012 2:58am PDT

    @Nicholas, I really wonder if such achievements will be possible in the future, as cars grow more complex and computer-dependent. Even if it's theoretically possible, it may not be financially realistic.

  • USAFANG67 avatar USAFANG67 Posted: 12/29/2011 8:12pm PST

    My hat is off to him.
    I could not make the 80000 mark on my 2004 Accord before I had to have the transmission overhauled.
    "They don't build 'em like they use to now do they Honda"

  • Cfthelin avatar Cfthelin Posted: 6/17/2011 10:20am PDT

    Good man. He must have washed that vehicle often to keep it looking that good. His town is a long way from the ocean and I suspect that Maine stopped using salt against icy road a long time ago.