• fb_1779529571 avatar Bill Posted: 6/11/2011 6:57am PDT

    Dodge, you got this one wrong. Dump the high priced and clueless marketing firm and go simple and traditional. I know you were seekin excitement but what you got was confusion. Dump everything, except R/T before 2012.
    As far as the future of Chrysler, look at sales.

  • coach greg avatar coach greg Posted: 6/11/2011 10:42am PDT

    Regarding gas mileage: I have 2 Dodges, a 2009 Charger R/T 5.7 Hemi which gets 17-18 mpg city and 25-27 mpg hwy...the cylinder deactication is seamless and really works (better than my neighbor's Honda Accord!). My 2009 Challenger SRT8 6.1 Hemi is not as good, but only drive it 500 miles a year so gas mileage is irrelevant, and it is stored for the long term. The Charger R/T matches many of the small poop boxes out there as far as mpg, and is much more car from all perspectives! And I bet almost most of the green and hybrid lovers had no idea--be informed!!

  • oldthudman avatar oldthudman Posted: 6/11/2011 4:20pm PDT

    How about some old Dodge names?.......Coronet, Meadowbrook, Lancer, Custom Royal

  • fb_1491948054 avatar Kurt Posted: 6/12/2011 5:49am PDT

    @oldthudman, I'm with you on that. Dart, Polaris, Diplomat, Daytona, etc.

    A lot of people criticized Pontiac for moving away from the product names that built the brand, and look how things turned out for them.

  • martinex avatar martinex Posted: 6/10/2011 12:56pm PDT

    The President can cheer all he wants. Chysler has learned nothing from past failures. They're still building powerful gas guzzling POSs. Good luck getting from 0 to 60 when gasoline prices reach five dollars or when the environment finally takes it's long awaited crap on our antiquated roads and infrastructure. In five years Chrysler will be right back with their hands out.

  • fb_1269102486 avatar Alexander Posted: 8/16/2011 5:15am PDT

    I thought Fiat will kill off the Nitro in the end of 2011? Hope they changed their mind. The Nitro is one of a kind and has much more potential than it's nearly twin Jeep Liberty. Fiat, give us a new Nitro!