• DRUFFO4291 avatar DRUFFO4291 Posted: 6/7/2011 10:32am PDT

    We travel with our dog as much as possible. He's a giant breed ( 160 + lbs) so it sometimes is a little more difficult finding a place to stay. We always bring his up to date health records and plenty of fresh water from home. Because our boy is so big he always atracts alot of attention and he loves it.
    We've been traveling with them for years and have never had any problems. Of coarse we make many more frequent stops to let him stretch his legs and do his business. Always pick up after your dog, let him be a good ambassador canine.

  • use2play avatar use2play Posted: 6/9/2011 8:24am PDT

    Don't forget to roll down the windows and let the animal stick it's head out - something you would ever let your kids do... at least I hope not - can't tell from some of these people I see with arms hanging down side of door and doors sticking out of windows!